Must-have football equipment

Virginia Beach Destroyers: Must-have football equipment

It’s not only for appearance’s sake when it comes to donning protective gear and equipment. They are worn underneath the football uniform since it is vital for the player’s immediate and long-term health and safety, even if the print on the jersey or the logo on the helmet isn’t functionally significant to the player’s overall performance. 

At all times, athletes are required to wear personal protective equipment. It is well known that football players, in particular, are at a significantly increased risk of sustaining an injury that is unrivalled in the sports world. To learn more about the must-have football equipment for safe gameplay, check them all out here in Virginia Beach Destroyers.

Chin strips

The usage of chin straps, which are intended to prevent chin-to-chin contact, significantly improves the overall safety of players on the field. These straps are a standard piece of equipment on every football player’s helmet since it is also required by law.

Football belts

A football belt, which is worn to keep pants in place when playing. Every player in the National Football League must wear a belt with a distinctive design on the inside. 


The helmet is maybe the most significant piece of football equipment. Modern football helmets are designed to protect the wearer’s head from injury with a durable outer shell and plenty of cushioning. When concussions become more common in contact sports such as football, the hard plastic face mask provides excellent protection to the front of the face.


Mouthguards are essential for football players because they protect their teeth. This piece of equipment helps protect your teeth and tongue if you participate in an impact sport.


Long before the creation of the helmet, rubber nose guards with a sturdy structure were in use, and they proved to be very long-lasting and effective. The design of today’s football helmets includes integrated nose protection, which makes them less evident while providing excellent protection for the player.

Knee pads

Knee pads are required for football players on the field as a safety measure. It is advised that football pants be worn with these lightweight and moulded pads to provide a more comfortable fit. Remember that the outer shell of these knee pads is designed to keep the wearer’s knees safe from harm while they are in use.

Compression shorts

Football players often wear over-pants made of compression shorts as part of their uniform. Injuries may be prevented or mitigated by wearing these shorts and other protective garments. It has been shown that wearing compression shorts for a long time lowers muscle tiredness while simultaneously decreasing the risks of harmful physical activity effects. 


Football players may use hand warmers to keep their hands warm during cold-weather practices and games, as well. Players who constantly catch, throw, and tackle should always have hand warmers available to perform at their best.

Football jockstrap

A jockstrap is a piece of equipment that protects a player’s lower abdomen and pelvis. This gear is required in sports like baseball and football as an extra safety measure. On top of that, groin guards are needed for football players who engage in high-intensity physical activity while on the field of play.

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