Common items to used for treating common injuries

Athletes are always prone to injuries whether they are playing professional matches or casually with friends. Even training is a common time for someone getting hurt, especially for someone with a competitive spirit like professional athletes in American football. If you are practising this sport, then you should prepare the following essential recovery items:

Cooling towel

Compared to regular towels used for drying oneself, cooling towels need to be drenched in cold water and applied to the body after an intense workout. You can prepare it at home using any absorbent fabric or get some specialised chilly towel for better results. 

You can prepare cooling towels by dipping them in ice-cold water. Putting them in a sealed cooler is a popular method of carrying them to the field. Alternatively, you may prepare it on the field by placing the towel in melted ice used to keep your drinks, too. VB Destroyers used to always keep enough for an entire team so it usually takes an entire cooler for towels only.

Foam roller or mat

Stretching before a workout is a great way to avoid injuries. However, you need help to stretch to the fullest no matter how flexible you are. Foam rollers are great tools for this as it can help you perform various poses and actions while lowering the chances of spraining. It can also help with some workout positions like sit-ups and push-ups if you need to do them.

Alternatively, you may prepare a foam mat for more versatility. This can be rolled to become a roller alternative or laid flat so you can use it as a mat. There are plenty of workouts that you can do on the floor using this so it’s also a great item.

Compress bag or gel

Hot and cold compress are essential to any muscle problems that you are about to experience post workout. A compress bag or gel is useful for such occasions but the temperature you need depends on what kind of muscle problem you are having. Stiff tendons or a painful back is best treated with hot compress. 

For this, you should either pour hot water into the bag or submerge the compress gel in it. Cold compress is for decreasing blood flow to lower inflammation. You just need to put ice inside the bag but a gel may take time to prepare. You can either refrigerate it or put it in a cooler filled with ice for half an hour or so.

Kinesiology tape or sports wrap

Spraining a muscle or breaking bones are severe but common injuries in sports as physically intensive as American football. It can take a while to recover and wrapping a tape or wrap around the part that hurts can help speed up the process. Application of tapes and wraps need to be tight because these are meant to hold onto the hurting area. You will also need to constantly replace it after taking a shower every day during your recovery. 

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